Unaccompanied Minors

Unaccompanied Minors

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Unaccompanied Minors

Throughout the world a significant number of children are forced to seek asylum. These children are often highly vulnerable and traumatised. If they’ve been separated from their families as a result of violence or persecution, the whereabouts of their parents or other family members may be unknown.

The state has a duty to protect these children. However, many unaccompanied minors face multiple difficulties and often abuse in the country where they are seeking asylum. Some of the children may have been trafficked, some of them may remain unknown to the authorities and some may face discrimination when in contact with government agencies. Being in a new environment without any family members often reinforces the isolation of these children.

How can CFAB help?

  • CFAB works alongside local authorities and other NGO’s notably Refugee Action Group to support asylum seeking children.
  • We advise social workers on the options open to asylum seeking young people and emphasise the importance of discussing the potential issue that they may have to return home.
  • CFAB can undertake independent risk assessments to advise on the safe return of children.
  • We signpost to the available voluntary returns schemes and give information and advice about the situation and services in the young person’s country of origin.
  • We can assist in locating family members; exploring support services and opportunities that may be available to them should they return.

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