About CFAB

Children and Families Across Borders (CFAB) is the only UK based charity with an international reach, specifically set up to identify and protect children separated from family members as a consequence of trafficking, immigration, divorce, conflict and asylum.

National Advice Line

Please call us on:
020 7735 8941
Mon-Fri 10am to 4pm

The International Network

What We Do

CFAB is the only charity of its kind in the UK.

CFAB has been part of the International Social Service (ISS) network present in more than 120 countries worldwide, for more than 50 years.

CFAB provides direct assistance to:

  • Re-unite children with their families, provided this is in their best interests;
  • To assist children and adults in re-establishing and maintaining contact with parents and extended family
  • To keep children safe and protected at all times when they move across borders.

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How Can You Help?

CFAB is almost entirely dependent on its own fundraising ability, and it is vital that we continue to raise more funds so that we can assist the many children and families who need our expertise today.

Help us to change a child's life forever...

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Our Vision

  • To achieve the best outcomes for children and families in the UK who are separated from loved ones across international borders.
  • To provide expert services to, and on behalf of, any relevant professional organisation or individual needing our help and unique knowledge and expertise.

Our Mission

  • To advocate for children and other vulnerable individuals by ensuring that their best interests are paramount and that their right to family life is respected.
  • To make our skills, knowledge and network available to all parties involved with or affected by cross-border separation, whether the enquiry comes from individuals, family members, lawyers, social workers, Judges or other professionals.
  • To build our reputation as a unique provider of these services in the UK.

Our core beliefs & values

  • Expert in the field
  • Compassionate
  • Pragmatic
  • Professional
  • Promote every child's right to a family life